Dairy farm odor elimination in adjacent event center


Customer Testimonial – Miltrim Farms Miltrim Farms, a dairy farm with an attached event center, faced issues with unpleasant odors from the farm that deterred Read more

Biofilm reduced by over 90%


Problem The company produced canned and bottled beverages in a high-speed line rated for thousands of units per minute. During the filling process, there was Read more

2-Log microorganism reduction at meat processing plant


In this case study on a meat processing facility, periodic testing of various surfaces revealed elevated levels of microorganisms, which meant a potential threat to the spread of foodborne illness.

Odor Eliminator for Grey & Black Wastewater


“We ran tests with grey, and black water smells at our testing station in Hamburg. The results are very impressive – like nothing we have ever seen before. We believe this is the new industry standard.”
– Uwe Fredrich, Sales Director, Hamann AG

Does this mold live in your HVAC system? How to get rid of mold spores in the air and on surfaces


Case Study: Watch the mold disappear from a 50-meter (150 foot) luxury yacht Heating and Cooling Systems can blow airborne pollutants without any of us Read more



Problem A luxury Caribbean resort was experiencing odors in guest rooms with a “musty, closed in” smell. The resort was also seeking to prevent the Read more



Problem A casino operator was in need of air purification technology to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission and reassure patrons that the casino Read more



Problem Viruses and bacteria are an ongoing issue in hospitals and pose a risk to patients and healthcare providers. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated risk. Read more

Doctors / Dentists Offices


Problem Medical professionals are seeking improved indoor air quality and odor management in their offices. More recently, they have sought air purification to reduce the Read more

Senior Care Centers


Problem The elderly are at higher risk of infection and long term care facilities often harbor and propagate bacteria and viruses. COVID-19 has amplified this Read more