Dairy farm odor elimination in adjacent event center

April 25, 2024

Customer Testimonial - Miltrim Farms Miltrim Farms, a dairy farm with an attached event center, faced issues with unpleasant odors from the farm that deterred potential customers. With the installation of Pyure systems, the farm noticed a real difference in just a few days, eliminating any lingering smells and making…

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Biofilm reduced by over 90%

November 20, 2023

Problem The company produced canned and bottled beverages in a high-speed line rated for thousands of units per minute. During the filling process, there was spillage on the line. Given the nature of the beverage and the ambient plant conditions (high temperature and humidity), the spillage led to rapid microbial…

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2-Log microorganism reduction at meat processing plant

October 25, 2023

Problem In this case study on a meat processing facility, periodic testing of various surfaces revealed elevated levels of microorganisms, which meant a potential threat to the spread of foodborne illness. With subsequent increases in the number of recalls, they put in place additional sanitation measures requiring longer and more…

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Odor Eliminator for Grey & Black Wastewater

February 25, 2022

Odors from wastewater can range from a nuisance to toxic and are typically located near workers and guests or entire communities. Abatement of these odors is increasingly mandated as residential communities encroach on industrial businesses that collect and treat wastewater like municipal treatment plants or produce it like food processing…

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Does this mold live in your HVAC system? How to get rid of mold spores in the air and on surfaces

January 13, 2022

Case Study: Watch the mold disappear from a 50-meter (150 foot) luxury yacht Heating and Cooling Systems can blow airborne pollutants without any of us seeing what’s in the air we’re breathing. It’s especially harmful when moisture is added to the air that allows mold, with spores always around us,…

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February 11, 2021

Problem A luxury Caribbean resort was experiencing odors in guest rooms with a “musty, closed in” smell. The resort was also seeking to prevent the recurrence of mold and, since the pandemic, had faced pathogen transmission concerns from staff and guests. Pyure Solution Small portable Pyure units were installed in…

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