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A luxury resort on a Caribbean island boasting 170 hotel suites rented at high prices faced a persistent issue that tarnished its reputation. Despite adhering to extensive cleaning protocols and enjoying high occupancy rates, the rooms would develop a musty, moldy smell. This odor problem significantly impacted guest experiences, leading to frequent complaints. The resort often had to keep rooms vacant to remediate the odors, which resulted in lost revenue and diminished the resort’s ability to maintain premium pricing.

Pyure Solution

To address this challenge, the resort placed small, discrete portable units in each suite and the fitness area. Within weeks, resort staff noticed a dramatic improvement: the musty, mildew odors were eliminated. Guests began praising the “freshness” of the suites, enhancing their overall stay experience. The advanced technology used in Pyure units neutralized odors. It contributed to a healthier indoor environment by mitigating the fungus and other airborne and surface pathogens, further aligning with the resort’s luxury and quality standards.


The implementation of Pyure units brought multiple benefits to the resort:

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience: Eliminating unpleasant odors and reducing airborne viruses significantly improved guest satisfaction. Positive feedback about the fresh and clean environment became commonplace, boosting the resort’s reputation.
  2. Increased Revenue: With the musty smell issue resolved, the resort reduced turnaround times between guests. This efficiency allowed for higher occupancy rates and enabled the resort to charge premium prices for the suites again.
  3. Cost Efficiency: The increased revenue generated a rapid payback on the investment in Pyure devices. The resort continues to use the Pyure units, ordering replacement UV optics annually, ensuring long-term benefits.
  4. Sustainable Solution: Using Pyure’s air purification technology aligns with the resort’s commitment to sustainability and providing a healthy environment for its guests, adding an extra layer of appeal to environmentally-conscious travelers.

The addition of Pyure technology transformed the guest experience at the resort, turning a persistent problem into an opportunity for enhanced guest satisfaction and increased profitability. The resort’s decision to adopt Pyure’s innovative solution exemplifies how addressing indoor air quality can have far-reaching positive impacts on business performance and customer loyalty.

For more information about successful outcomes in Hospitality settings, please contact our sales team at sales@pyure.com.


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