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Odor Eliminator for Grey & Black Wastewater

Odors from wastewater can range from a nuisance to toxic and are typically located near workers and guests or entire communities. Abatement of these odors is increasingly mandated as residential communities encroach on industrial businesses that collect and treat wastewater like municipal treatment plants or produce it like food processing facilities. Even in hospitality, companies need to manage the odors from wastewater tanks and septic tanks where the guest experience is critical to success.

Maritime vessels faced multiple odor issues, primarily from smells emanating from wastewater in the grey and black water tanks and VOCs from the engines rooms and fumes from the galleys. Additional challenges included viruses, bacteria and mold in owner and crew private and public spaces.

IDI™ treats wastewater odor

Pyure IDI™ installed in-line to treat black water odor

Pyure Solution – The IDI™ Odor Eliminator
Through our partner, VIKAND, Pyure devices were installed directly alongside black and grey water tanks, treating the air in the tanks and eliminating the odor before entering the rest of the ship. Additionally, Pyure IDIs™ were added to the HVAC systems as a sanitization solution to treat viruses, bacteria and mold and eliminate the remaining odors from VOCs and fumes.

The odors were drastically reduced in all affected areas and viruses, bacteria and mold were mitigated:

“Crew says they love the new fresh air. It makes them feel more alert during the day and sleep better at night.” – Captain Graham

“We ran tests with grey, and black water smells at our testing station in Hamburg. The results are very impressive – like nothing we have ever seen before. We believe this is the new industry standard.”
– Uwe Fredrich, Sales Director, Hamann AG

Eliminate Odors in Your Business or Enterprise

Pyure’s odor air purifiers can be brought into commercial or residential settings with the use of the Pyure device suited for each space. Portable purifiers are designed for smaller-sized spaces or where access to ductwork isn’t possible. Office and commercial kitchens, public restrooms, pet kennels or spaces with animal odors are ideal for Pyure portable ‘plug-and-play’ devices.

In-duct and Installed Solutions treat large commercial and industrial campuses such as food processing and distribution plants and large-scale wastewater treatment plants.

If your commercial, industrial or maritime business is seeking an odor air purifier, connect with us to consult on the right solution to solve your odor problem.

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