Food Safety Magazine Webinar: Air Treatment for Improving Food Safety and Gaining Business Advantage

June 12, 2024 – This 30-minute webinar, co-presented by Larry Keener, a global leader in food safety and technology, and Pyure VP Jean-Francois Huc, explores strategies for enhancing food safety through air treatment while gaining a competitive edge in the industry. Watch now to discover how optimizing air quality can benefit your business and ensure the safety of your products. Find more information on how Pyure can help on our Food Processing page.

Pyure experts are guests on the iaqradio podcast with Radio Joe and the ZMAN: Advances in Reactive Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies

February 17, 2023 – The head of our scientific advisory board, Dr. Connie Araps, was a guest on the podcast iaqradio with Radio Joe and the ZMAN recently sharing about Pyure’s active Photohydrolytic hydroxyl oxidation (PHO) process for cleaning the air and surfaces indoors, just like the sun’s process outdoors. Dr. Araps and Radio Joe break down the science in an easy-to-understand way and look at real-world applications of Pyure.
They were also joined by Dr. Kishor Khankari, who described his computation fluid dynamic (CFD) model and the positive impact of adding Pyure technology to the air by helping reduce the risk of viral transmission and allowing an air handling system to run at lower air changes per hour (ACH) effectively saving energy. Listen to the podcast above or read about Dr. Khankari’s findings here.

Enhanced IAQ & HVAC Performance with Photohydrolytic Hydroxyl Air Cleaning Technology: ASHRAE Webinar

September 28, 2022 – ASHRAE webinar: AnSight LLC, led by Dr. Kishor Khankari, assessed the efficacy of photohydrolytic hydroxyl technology using CFD models. These models determine airflow patterns, the age of air, and how Pyure photohydrolytic hydroxyl radicals help in reducing the infection probability in indoor spaces.
These analyses determined that by complementing the building HVAC systems with Pyure Dynamic Protection©, indoor high infectivity zones can be reduced by almost 70%. Analysis further determined that by using Pyure technology, building owners/operators can reduce the air changes per hour (ACH) from 3 to 2, achieve energy savings, and reduce the risk of infection relative to 3 ACH with no photohydrolytic hydroxyl treatment.
AnSight’s innovative CFD modeling techniques used Pyure’s COVID-19 kill rate data generated by independent labs to assess the impact of photohydrolytic hydroxyls on airborne microorganisms.

A Conversation with Chip Bach, GM of Newport Racing & Gaming: Webinar

June 29, 2022 – Join us on this webinar for a conversation with Chip Bach, General Manager of Newport Racing & Gaming and Turfway Park Racing & Gaming to learn how proven results by Pyure elevate the guest experience and understand the positive impacts on Newport’s business.

What happened when Churchill Downs® took Pyure out of the lab and into the real world: Presentation

May 6, 2022 – Learn from the Pyure team how partner, Churchill Downs Inc®, performed their own third-party research to test Pyure in their casino, Newport Racing & Gaming.