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73% reduction in the risk of transmission, improved energy efficiency

ASHRAE Fellow and President of AnSight LLC, Dr. Kishor Khankari, used his highly reputed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model to assess Pyure’s air purification technology.

Read Dr. Khankari’s CFD analysis evaluation here.

The CFD model simulated a 2,600 cu ft room with one air supply and one return, ventilated with three air changes per hour (ACH). Within this scenario, the model simulated airflow patterns and the age of air from which it could derive the rate at which Pyure Technology reduced airborne viruses.

By comparing ventilation alone with ventilation plus Pyure Technology, the model determined the size of a viral cloud of infection and the potential reduction in transmission risk for room occupants.

The analysis revealed that adding Pyure to 3 ACH ventilation reduces the viral spread index by 73%.


The analysis also revealed that Pyure Technology can improve energy efficiency

The CFD model compared scenarios of 3 ACH ventilation with 2 ACH ventilation + Pyure and found that the spread index was 25% lower with Pyure at 2 ACH than with 3 ACH ventilation alone.

These results demonstrate how Pyure Technology can improve your approach to air purification. When added to ventilation, Pyure can substantially reduce the risk of transmission. In addition, Pyure enables you to operate at lower ACH and still lower transmission risk, thereby improving energy efficiency.

Pyure Technology has also demonstrated an ability to reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odors and to reduce pathogen levels on surfaces.  Pyure can be easily added to existing HVAC systems, with a range of devices rated for small (1,000 cu ft) to very large (4 million cu ft) spaces.

Watch the ASHRAE webinar on this topic here.

Pathogen Protection

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