Dairy farm odor elimination in adjacent event center


Customer Testimonial – Miltrim Farms Miltrim Farms, a dairy farm with an attached event center, faced issues with unpleasant odors from the farm that deterred Read more

Biofilm reduced by over 90%


Problem The company produced canned and bottled beverages in a high-speed line rated for thousands of units per minute. During the filling process, there was Read more

2-Log microorganism reduction at meat processing plant


In this case study on a meat processing facility, periodic testing of various surfaces revealed elevated levels of microorganisms, which meant a potential threat to the spread of foodborne illness.

Odor Eliminator for Grey & Black Wastewater


“We ran tests with grey, and black water smells at our testing station in Hamburg. The results are very impressive – like nothing we have ever seen before. We believe this is the new industry standard.”
– Uwe Fredrich, Sales Director, Hamann AG