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A Breath of Fresh Air that Goes Beyond the Kentucky Derby

As the thunderous excitement of the Kentucky Derby approaches this weekend, Churchill Downs Inc. (CDI) is not only gearing up for one of the most anticipated events in horse racing but is also setting a benchmark in enhancing guest experiences through innovative air purification technology. Known for hosting “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports,” CDI has leveraged Pyure Dynamic Protection® technology across a growing number of its casinos to significantly improve air quality by reducing odors. This move is about maintaining tradition and enhancing it, ensuring that guests can breathe easily. The success observed at Churchill Downs provides a powerful blueprint for other casino operators and hospitality businesses looking to solve similar challenges and improve both guest and worker experiences through effective odor management and air purification.

Watch the video of what CDI executives had to say about Pyure.

Tackling Odor in Casino Environments with Pyure Technology

Combatting Smoke Odor in Casinos

Smoke odor is one of the most persistent challenges in casino environments, where the ambiance and comfort of guests are paramount. Traditional HVAC systems often fall short of completely removing the lingering odors of tobacco smoke, which can significantly impact guest satisfaction. Pyure’s technology confronts these odors head-on, utilizing hydroxyls created by mimicking natural sunlight UV energy to break down odor molecules. Pyure neutralizes the pervasive smoke odor and contributes to a visibly fresher and more appealing environment, enhancing the overall guest experience and inviting longer stays.

Refreshing Humid and Musty Areas

Beyond the gaming floors, areas like laundry facilities and garbage rooms in hospitality settings are prone to musty and unpleasant odors, especially in humid climates. Pyure’s systems excel in these environments, neutralizing odors and preventing them from infiltrating guest areas. This proactive approach to odor management ensures that guests and staff encounter a cleaner, fresher atmosphere, which is essential for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and comfort.

Long-Term Benefits for Hospitality Venues

Implementing Pyure’s odor management technology goes beyond immediate improvements—it contributes to long-term sustainability and operational efficiency, helping to reduce reliance on chemical cleaning agents and potentially decreasing the frequency of deep cleaning sessions, lowering both environmental impact and operational costs. Moreover, the significant enhancement of air quality and environment directly translates into increased guest loyalty and repeat visits, crucial metrics for success in the competitive hospitality industry.

Case Study: Pyure’s Impact at Churchill Downs

The multi-year success story of Pyure technology at Churchill Downs underlines its effectiveness in enhancing air quality and improving overall guest and employee experiences. The deployment of Pyure systems across multiple CDI properties has set a new benchmark for air quality in the hospitality and gaming sectors, demonstrating that technological innovation can seamlessly complement and enhance traditional hospitality services.

In summary, Pyure’s innovative approach to managing smoke odor and other odors in casinos and hospitality venues marks a significant advancement in creating more inviting and enjoyable environments. This technology ensures that guests have pleasant experiences and supports a healthier, more sustainable operational model for the future of the hospitality industry.



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