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Introducing a new modern design in portable air purification

The past two years have made us all much more aware of what is in the air around us. What we are breathing, including viruses, but also bacteria, odors, volatile organic compounds are now on everyone’s mind. COVID-19 and the return of the Flu have school boards, building and business owners and operators tasked with occupant’s health and safety. A solution is required to deliver a simple, easy-to-use, and attractive air purification solution that blends into these environments and treats more than just viruses. Pyure’s new line of commercial portable air purifiers meet these needs and are backed by some of the most comprehensive testing data in the industry.

Like all Pyure’s air purification solutions, the new line of products is built with proprietary UV technology that generates hydroxyls. This proven mechanism of action not only destroys the airborne COVID-19 virus in 20 minutes but reduces VOC, odor, mold and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

Say goodbye to:

  • Illness-causing viruses that keep kids out of school and reduce workforce productivity
  • Noxious VOCs such as paint fumes, new building materials and furniture, automotive emissions
  • Odors emitted from locker rooms, smoking areas and commercial kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Bacteria causing infections and odors

Say hello to:

  • Modern design to blend into the background, providing protection that matches any aesthetic
  • An intuitive user interface offering simplicity in operation and control
  • Ergonomic design provides ease of access for UV optic and filter replacement
  • Low sound levels offer minimal ambient noise interruption
  • Aluminum construction for lightweight and durability
  • Bottom-mount LED light feature


Pyure Mini™ Air Purifier

Pyure Mini Air Purifier

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Treatment area:
Mini™ 50: 250-500 sq ft (23-46 sq m)
Mini™ 25: 80-250 sq ft (8-23 sq m)
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Designed for small spaces where a discrete portable unit is sought. Ideal for small offices and classrooms, conference and waiting rooms, and other commercial applications.Download the Spec Sheet
Pyure Flex™ Air Purifier

Pyure Flex Air Purifier

Available 2023
Treatment area: 300-900 sq ft (28-84 sq m)
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Designed for spaces where a portable or wall-mounted unit is sought. Ideal for medium-sized offices and schools, senior living, conference rooms and other commercial applications.
Pyure Profile™ Air Purifier

Available 2023
Treatment area: 300-900 sq ft (28-84 sq m)
‏‏‎ ‎
Designed for professional commercial environments. Blends into the ceiling and has an easy installation process by simply removing a standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling tile.


Heading into 2023, look for models that will connect via different options for communications: Serial, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

Pathogen Protection

Learn more about the new portable air purifiers and how they can protect businesses, schools and occupants.

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