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School facility managers know that it’s always more cost-effective and worry-free to be proactive about a potential problem than to react to an emergency. Unfortunately, when the pandemic caught the world by surprise, there was no choice except to be reactive. Now, indoor cleanliness and maintenance of school property is a top priority.

Now that the situation is better understood and most districts have returned to in-school learning, it’s time to be proactive to mitigate risks to the health and safety of students, staff and families. To provide and maintain an ideal learning environment, school facility managers must establish and implement hygiene and disinfection protocols that not only address viruses, but also other concerns such as mold and odors. It’s also essential that campus cleaners have protocols to sanitize both the air and surfaces to ensure effective results. Being proactive with Pyure technology not only delivers the safety results you need, but it also saves time and money by streamlining your disinfecting efforts into a single, easy-to-implement solution.

Use this checklist to make sure you have all your school cleaning needs covered and that you’re properly cleaning and disinfecting your facility:

Prevent COVID-19

The first question that school facility managers are likely to hear is, “What are you doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?” The answer to give is, “We’re using revolutionary technology that’s proven to provide continuous protection against COVID-19.”

Then you can share the facts: Pyure technology is scientifically proven to rapidly and progressively kill SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) by more than 99% in the air in 20 minutes and 60 minutes on surfaces. After 80 minutes in the air and three hours on surfaces, the virus is undetectable. Add in the personal safety measures that students now use at home and in school, and parents can confidently send their children to in-person learning environments.

Minimize The Return Of Influenza

Quarantining had some benefits, like minimizing the spread of other germs such as Influenza (H1N1). A full return to the classroom in the fall will certainly remind us of what it meant to keep the virus causing the flu in check. But as we are all now tuned in to how aerosols spread viruses in air and on surfaces such as tables, desks and shared gym equipment, knowing there is an answer to keeping students in classrooms is the type of environment school leaders are creating.

Pyure’s Dynamic Protection® solutions are proven to kill the H1N1 flu virus in the air and on surfaces more than 96% in less than an hour. When school is out for the day, Pyure continues to protect by eliminating nearly 100% of flu-causing virus in under six hours.

Destroy Mold & Kill Bacteria

School environments with moisture, such as restrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, gyms and science labs, are common areas for mold and bacteria growth. While some mold and bacteria are visible, they can also be hidden beneath or behind surfaces, and invisible mold spores can float in the air. Direct contact with mold can cause severe health issues and aggravate allergies, and inhaling mold spores can trigger respiratory issues. And bacteria don’t play favorites. VRSA, E. coli and other bacteria can thrive on everything from hard surfaces like lunch trays to soft surfaces like gym mats.

The continuous stream of hydroxyls released by Pyure’s unique technology neutralizes and decomposes mold in the air and on surfaces. For instance, in scientific tests by an independent lab, Pyure solutions reduced black mold (Aspergillus Niger) in the air by 99.9% in just 30 minutes, and it was undetected after 90 minutes.

Pyure technology was also put to the test against two tough bacteria: E. coli and S. epidermidis. In a surface destruction test, E. coli was reduced by 99.99% after three hours. In an airborne test, S. epidermidis was reduced by 99% within 30 minutes and undetectable after 90 minutes.

Eliminate Odors

School facilities can run rampant with odors. Some smells, like sweaty gym socks and funky science experiments, are unpleasant but relatively harmless. But odors caused by mold, mildew and bacteria can be dangerous. In all cases, they contribute to poor indoor air quality, and trying to cover smells with deodorizers or dangerous chemicals makes the air quality even worse. The only proper way to treat odors is to kill the microbes that are causing them.

Again, Pyure technology has you covered. It purifies the air and eliminates odors using a naturally occurring process that is completely safe for people, plants and animals. Plus, because Pyure solutions operate continuously, you don’t have to worry about the odors reoccurring.

Only One Solution Checks Every Box

Pyure air-purifying hydroxyl generators kill both airborne and surface pathogens for non-stop disinfecting protection. Plus, they’re scalable so that you can treat individual rooms or an entire facility. Your Pyure investment qualifies for ESSER funding, and your helpful Pyure distributor can put together a custom quote to get you started.

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