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A recent holiday party that took place in a restaurant in Oslo resulted in the infection of most attendees, 96% of whom were vaccinated and had a negative antigen test or PCR test*. 76% of reporting attendees* had the Omicron variant. In addition to the party guests, 70 restaurant attendees contracted the virus apart from the event*. The high transmissibility of Omicron amongst fully-vaccinated people provides a compelling case for active cleaning of the indoor air.

Adding Pyure Dynamic Protection© into this scenario would provide guests and staff with a significant layer of protection. Pyure Technology© breaks apart viruses, like the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, rendering them inert after being introduced into the air by an infected person. The infected air does not need to pass through a HEPA filter or be diluted by more outdoor air as Pyure dynamically treats the air people are breathing in real-time.

The transmission would have been significantly reduced with Pyure Dynamic Protection at work in the restaurant. See how Pyure works.

*  Eurosurveillance

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