In the USA Contact
You are in the Continental US. Odoroxair, a Bio-Shine Company
HVAC/Building Automation distributor for the states of:
Arizona, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and New England
Building Controls & Solutions


In Canada Contact
You are in Western Canada (west of Ontario). Environmental Air Cleaning (EAC)
You are in Eastern Canada (east of Manitoba). Hydroxyl Environmental Inc
Around the World Contact
You are located outside of North America. Contact Pyure to find your nearest distributor:
You work in the global Cruise Line industry or operate a luxury yacht. Vikand Solutions
You are located in the Caribbean. Hospitality Environments
You are located in India, Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. Klimaanlage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Custom Solutions Contact
You are interested in a custom solution for your facility. Contact Pyure to obtain an initial assessment:
Official Sales Agents Contact
Skipper Ben’s Holding Limited 1-877-528-4436