When Churchill Downs Inc.® (CDI), owner of the Kentucky Derby®, the Kentucky Oaks® and many high-profile casino and gaming venues throughout the U.S., wanted to assure its guests and employees that it was safe to come back and experience great moments, they did their homework.

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Real-World Testing. For the First Time.

For the protection of guests, the famed Churchill Downs® racetrack bet on Pyure’s scalable hydroxyl-generating technology in the new exclusive Homestretch Club and each of its 112 VIP suites. The same technology is used in Churchill Downs Inc.’s® gaming property, Newport Racing & Gaming, where a recent Indoor Air Quality Investigation with CDI and The IEP Group showed outstanding results — an industry first — outside the lab and in the real-world.

CDI Won Their Bet on Bacteria, Mold and Nicotine

To confirm that the technology was effective, Churchill Downs® hired The IEP Group to perform an indoor air and surface quality validation study to determine if Pyure Technology® is capable of reducing bacteria, mold and nicotine, along with cigarette smoke odors. After its investigation, The IEP Group concluded:

“…based on its measurements and analysis, it did appear that a reduction of microbiological contaminants did occur over the course of the study, and that nicotine contamination did not occur even after the introduction of smoking within portions of the facility…”

Pyure Makes a Difference Where It’s Needed


Commercial kitchens, banquet halls, hotel rooms and bathrooms.

Industrial Food & Beverage

Microbial film, animal health & slaughterhouses, odor mitigation, fruit and vegetable lifespan by removing molds, ethylene and other pollutants.

Industrial Wastewater

Odors offsite, wet well, headworks room, dissolved air flotation room, and biosolids storage can all be treated with Pyure’s hydroxyls.

Medical Facilities

Common hospital-acquired infections from Pneumonia/MRSA, surgical site eColi and C difficile, flu, and COVID-19.

The right air purifier for your hospitality environment, school, or building HVAC system


Portable Purifiers

Portable purifiers designed for both commercial settings an rugged industrial settings.

Portable Units


In-Duct Purifiers

Inserted into your HVAC system, the IDU series can be used in medical, senior living, office, retail and other commercial, scholastic or hospitality use.

In-Duct Units


Wall-Mounted Purifiers

Designed for large treatment areas and can modulate hydroxyl output to sanitize and deodorize.

Wall-Mounted Units


Installed Solutions

For larger commercial areas or entire buildings, Pyure offers custom-designed installed air purification solutions that integrate with existing HVAC and air handling systems.

Custom Solutions

Pyure Dynamic Protection®

  • Creates pathogen-destroying hydroxyls to safely cleanse indoor air and surfaces, similar to what sunlight does outdoors
  • Is energy-efficient because it doesn’t require additional fresh air requiring heating and cooling or the energy-consuming air demands of dense filtration systems or complex HVAC upgrades
  • Has a >99% success rate for killing the COVID-19 virus in the air and on surfaces when tested in a 1,280-cu-ft chamber on actual virus

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