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Data Centers


Viral infections due to influenza and, more recently, a COVID-19 outbreak led to significant absenteeism in data centers. Given the 24/7 staffing required to assure service levels, the technology company sought a technology that can quickly kill airborne and surface-bound pathogens and improve indoor air quality.

Pyure Solution

Pyure custom solutions were initially installed in the HVAC systems of five data centers to purify the air and clean the surfaces to improve indoor air quality.


The data center staff reported a noticeable “freshness of air” within the facilities, and there have been no subsequent viral outbreaks. Pyure custom solutions are now being deployed in additional data centers, and Pyure Technology has been added to the basis of design for all future centers.

For more information about successful outcomes in Commercial settings, please contact our sales team at sales@pyure.com.


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