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Cruise Ships & Luxury Yachts


Cruise ships have complaints from passengers concerning smoking areas on the ship (casinos and bars). Odors and air quality impact guest attendance. Luxury yachts have odors due to mold and grey/black water, and the risk of viral transmission due to the close quarters.

Pyure Solution

Pyure custom solutions were installed in the HVAC systems of numerous ships to continuously treat the casinos and bars onboard.

Pyure In-Duct units were deployed on luxury yachts to treat the ship, eliminate odors and provide protection against pathogens.


On cruise ships, patrons and staff noticed a dramatic reduction in tobacco odor: complaints dropped significantly, patrons spent more time in casinos and bars, and ship revenues increased.

On luxury yachts, odors disappeared and the staff felt the air was “fresher”. One yacht sailed with a COVID-19 positive staff member for over a week, without transmitting to anyone else on board.

For more information about successful outcomes in Hospitality settings, please contact our sales team at sales@pyure.com.


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