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Hosting horses and jockeys is nothing new for Churchill Downs. The sounds and smells of racing haven’t changed since hordes of fans were live to view the contenders up close. Yet, as races have gone on mostly spectator-free over the past year, the quiet ambiance hasn’t generated the same anticipation and emotion for the winners. But the annual signature race is something different. Iconic. And requires the hats, mint juleps, and people watching in person to make it feel, well, normal.

In a return to the new normal, Churchill Downs is safely bringing the crowds out to Churchill Downs in 2021 by adding a patented layer of protection against virus and bacteria.

Since very little of the virus causing our pandemic has been transmitted outdoors, Churchill Downs sought a solution that mimics the action of the outdoors and found it in The Pyure Company’s air purifiers. Guests purchasing race packages including suite access can feel safer indoors by having the power of the sun with them.

Pyure Dynamic Protection™
Inspired by nature. Trusted to clean.

Each of the 108 suites at the famed Churchill Downs racetrack are now outfitted with Pyure’s scalable hydroxyl generating technology. Natural sunlight destroys harmful pathogens in the air we breathe by creating powerful sanitizing agents called hydroxyls. Pyure Dynamic Protection™ generates hydroxyls and deploys them into the suites via air purifying technology to safely sanitize indoor air and surfaces. Throughout much of 2021, Churchill Downs racegoers will have this added layer of protection in the suite-level guest packages.

5-Star protection for the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector, much like Churchill Downs, faces unique challenges as it welcomes guests back in the post-pandemic world. The proximity of guests and the turnover of occupancy in suites require continuous sanitization that can be delivered safely in the presence of guests, staff and visitors to ensure protection and peace of mind in busy, high-traffic areas.

As we continue to learn about transmission of the virus and bacteria in the air we breathe and surfaces we touch, it’s clear that being indoors with others is a big source of the problem. The air we all exhale contains floating virus that can hang in the air for several minutes and up to hours. Because much of this air doesn’t make its way back to filters and can’t be diluted by more outdoor air, we are now learning that being six feet away from each other without a mask isn’t helping much either.

But leave it to nature to bring us the answer. Pyure’s hydroxyl generating technology has been around over 15 years safely bringing the power of the sun indoors. Inventions such as camouflage copied from the octopus and wind turbine blades from the humpback whale are great examples of how nature provides the best answers. Hydroxyls are another great benefit of nature that we as humans have already adapted to and benefitted from during our time on this planet.

Pyure’s cleansing agents kill more than 99.99% of aerosolized viruses and bacteria within two hours, while also killing pathogens on hard surfaces throughout a property. And because Pyure is scalable, a property can be an office, suite, house, building, or an entire campus.

Purifies the air and sanitizes all surfaces to deliver 5-star hygiene.

In hotels, casinos and resorts, from airports and sporting events to cruise liners and gyms, there’s a clear need for novel, dynamic solutions that enable 24/7 sanitization. Solutions that can respond to different levels of use to improve general air quality and further reduce the risks associated with airborne and surface pathogens.

Pyure Dynamic Protection® provides a highly effective chemical-free air purification solution for use in all hospitality settings. It is a scientifically proven solution that can be complementary to existing and often time-consuming sanitization practices. Hydroxyl technology not only naturally sanitizes the air and hard surfaces, including high-touch surfaces in social areas, it also removes odors that can be unpleasant to guests such as cigarette smoke and cleaning chemical fumes.

This is smarter pathogen protection from first call to final ticket.

Many interior hospitality spaces are busy throughout the day, and often 24/7 too. Pyure Dynamic Protection® can safely operate continuously in the presence of people, plants and pets to ensure that the air in these busy spaces is always clean and healthy to breathe. From the bar to the swimming pool, and from the dining room to the bedroom, our dynamic solution is designed to ensure that every space is treated and sanitized equally.

Smart, dynamic protection

Pyure products offer guests and staff dynamic protection 24/7. They can be safely used in occupied spaces, gathering real-time data to ensure the optimum level of protection at any given time.

We are all more aware of what’s in the air around us and on surfaces after the past year of lockdowns, masks, and sanitization efforts. Thankfully, hospitality providers like Churchill Downs are taking action and ensuring positive guest experiences while protecting their own employees, jockeys, and the media with tools like Pyure’s bio-mimicking power of the sun.

Learn more about how PYURE protects businesses, schools, healthcare settings and homes


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