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To help schools reopen safely, the federal government has made up to 190.5 billion dollars available through three funding pools. ESSER, passed as Section 18003 of the CARES Act in March 2020; ESSER II, passed as Section 313 of the CRRSA Act in December 2020; and ARP ESSER, included in Section 2001 of the American Rescue Plan Act, H.R. 1319.

Now, elementary and secondary schools can access this funding to help safely reopen schools, measure and effectively address significant learning loss, and take other actions to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on educators, students, and families.

PYURE Technology supports the reopening of schools by killing the COVID-19 virus and other viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on surfaces to help reduce the risk of outbreaks and illnesses. The CARES, CRSSA and ARP provide schools with a unique opportunity to adopt PYURE Technology today using financial support from the government.

Pathogen Protection

To learn more about the allowable uses and possible expenditures for your state:

Guide for each state

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